CrossFit is an empirically driven, clinically tested and community developed strength and conditioning program. All training sessions are coached by a CrossFit Qualified trainer. Each workout is scaled by load and intensity but not by kind. All fitness levels from athletes to grandmothers can participate together.

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We believe that better movement and increased range of motion are the cornerstones of fitness and that quality coaching is a pivotal part of your experience in a CrossFit gym. To get started at CrossFit Pretoria you can join a FREE trial session to experience what we’re all about or you can sign up for the 2 compulsory Fundamentals classes where you will be taught the foundational movements and techniques of CrossFit before you get started with regular classes.

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Each class is programmed as a personal training session in a small group format. Our small group size insures that you get personal attention from internationally renowned coaches as well as group motivation. Each day our Workout of the day is posted to our blog for you to view and refer back to.

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  • "At 45 I am stronger than ever before"

    At 45 I am now stronger than ever before in my life. Through CrossFit I have learnt to do “one rep at a time” and apply it to daily challenges outside the gym as well, making me more efficient in my work and more confident in everyday life.

    Melanie Van Reenen
  • "Pushing boundaries and enjoying yourself"

    For me CrossFit is about testing yourself physically as well as mentally. Pushing the boundaries to become fitter and stronger and above all, enjoying yourself. 

    RG Gates
  • "You only have to compete with yourself"

    For someone who was never particularly athletic or competitive, CrossFit is perfect in the sense that you only have to compete with yourself. What really differentiates it from other sports is the sense of community. There is no jealousy or envy, only sincere support for what you are trying to achieve and genuine joy when you succeed. The absolute epitome being the sense of camaraderie after finishing a particularly tough workout and then finding the energy to encourage those still busy, because they would definitely do it for you.

    Nicole van Reenen
  • "CrossFit Pretoria helped me get my pre-pregnancy fitness back"

    I joined CrossFit Pretoria when I was 5 months pregnant.  I was worried that the workouts would be too tough and too difficult but Chad and his coaches knew exactly how to adjust my workouts to suit my pregnancy.  I believe I had an easy pregnancy and birth as a result of working out with them.  My abs and back were strong which made it so much easier.

    As soon as the Doctor gave me the go ahead after the birth of my boy, I was back at the box.  Because of Chad and his team who helped me do the right workouts to benefit me, I am stronger and fitter!

    Tascha Strauss