MEMBER(S) OF THE WEEK: Cassien Harmsen & Marion Pouwels.


Meet Cassien and Marion!! We asked them her some questions…


  1. What drove you to start CrossFit?

Cassien: A friend told me about the things CrossFitters do and I thought “Mmm I could do that” (haha).

Marion: My fiancé, Cassien, and getting fit for my work as a paramedic.

  1. How long have you been with CrossFit Pretoria?

Cassien: 2 years and 1 month

Marion: 1 year

  1. Who inspires you?

Cassien: All my friends that give me competition and motivation during wods.

Marion: Everyone that works really hard to improve.

  1. What are you doing when you are not at CrossFit?

Cassien: Working, sleeping, and thinking about the wod.

Marion: Working or sleeping.

  1. Interesting fact about you that people don’t know?

Cassien: Deep down I am actually a nerd (I love games).

Marion: I love to sing choir.

  1. What was your favourite childhood program?

Cassien: Pokemon.

Marion: Recess

  1. If you had a super power what would it be and why?

Cassien: To be able to control time.

Marion: To fly, I love the idea of being “free”.

  1. What would be your perfect workout?

Cassien: Murph. Anything light and long.

Marion: Anything involving snatches or deadlifts.

  1. What’s your favourite movement?

Cassien: Bar muscle-ups and cleans.

Marion: Power snatch and deadlift.

  1. What has been your most memorable moment at CrossFit Pretoria?

Cassien: I have 2: my first ring muscle up and 16.1 thinking there is no way I can do that and then smashing it.

Marion: When I got my first snatch.

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