WOD – Thursday 1 December 2016

    Medball cleans
    Rope climbs
    4 sets:
    5-10 strict toes to bar into,
    5-10 strict knees to elbows
    rest 90secs

WOD – Wednesday 30 November 2016

    50 pull-ups
    400m run
    21 thrusters
    800m run
    21 thrusters
    400m run
    50 pull-ups
    Tabata Hollow rocks

WOD – Tuesday 29 November 2016

    Front squats

10 @ 40%, 10 @ 50%, 20 @ 55%

    “€œFight Gone Bad”
    3 rounds for reps:
    1min Wall Balls
    1min SDHP 35/25kg
    1min Box Jump
    1min Push Press 35/25kg
    1min Cal Row
    1min Rest

WOD – Monday 28 November 2016

20min AMRAP

4 Muscle ups

7 Handstandpushups

12 KB Snatches

10min stretching/rolling
– shoulders
– lower back
– lats

WOD – Saturday 26 November 2016

  • CrossFit Pretoria Summer Showdown:
    Join us for an awesome day of CrossFit!

    There will be 100 athletes from all over the country taking on 3 workouts in both RX and Scaled divisions on the day.

    Browse through the vendors who will be selling food, drinks, clothing, gear, accessories, supplements and much much more…!

    Everyone and anyone is welcome to join us and watch the action!

    The event will run from 08:00 to 16:00.

    See you there!

WOD – Friday 25 November 2016

    15min establish a 1RM Back Squat
    19min AMRAP
    8 Toes to Bar
    12 Push ups
    20 Wallballs


Our members don’t pay only to make use of equipment, they pay to get coached and be part of a community of like minded people who want to be healthy and enjoy their lives.

Let’s Talk About CrossFit Boxes

If you’re one of those people who like to go to a regular gym, do your own thing and talk to no one (maybe just your buddies), because it’s your quiet time, then that is cool. If you’re a Zumba and aerobics class kind of person, you prefer anonymity, that’s cool too. I have nothing but love, because moving is good. If you play another sport and that’s your thing, that’s cool too. This article is not about convincing you to do CrossFit instead of anything else.

But let’s talk about CrossFit boxes now. At my gym a regular membership is R750 per month, and R550 for students. Unlimited – there are not restrictions on the number of classes you go to. Here are some other things that cost about R550-R750 per month:

Petrol for car
Insurance (Of every kind)
Eating and drinking out

“But hey Christine, all of these are important necessities though. You need them, so you must spend money on them. Paying R750 per month for a gym is a little expensive.”

Well here’s what I say to that… You’re missing one essential necessity – Your health and fitness. But YOU already know that. I’m sure you do.

“If I’m healthier then I’ll enjoy life more… etc, etc. Plus, I’d like to look better and feel better… etc, etc.”

If you didn’t believe that, you wouldn’t have a normal gym membership. Or you wouldn’t play sports. Let’s be honest, many of us had a gym membership and didn’t go for MONTHS. I was definitely one of those people. When we get there, we don’t really know what to do. This is coming from a former competitive sports player, who loved off-season. Sure, I had programs that I found, I followed them, then stopped, then started, and it went on like this.

Ok enough, Let’s Talk Numbers

Moving on to less essential items. People spend a lot of money on clothes and food, so let’s break it down.

Breakdown Regular Student Comparison 1 Comparison 2
Monthly Membership R750 R550 One cute dress. One average priced pair of men’s jeans.
Weekly R187 R137 Average dinner out, once a week. A sushi dinner with a girlfriend Friday night.
Daily-2x/wk R93 R68 2-3 Glasses of wine/Beers on Saturday and Sunday One movie ticket
Daiy-3x/wk R62 R45 Eating out for lunch 3x a week with your colleagues 2 Cocktails over the weekend
Daily-4x/wk R46 R34 2 Beers at the local bar after work Burger and chips
Daily-5x/wk R37 R27 A Starbucks coffee before work everyday Cheap breakfast and coffee


So basically, if you can afford to buy a coffee every morning before work, you can afford to go to a CrossFit box.

And believe me, our box is worth every single one of those coffees. Here’s why…

#1 The Programming

We take care of writing and researching the training program – which is modified to your needs once you get to class. We have experienced coaches working on our program every week, there is a lot of thinking and discussion that goes into our planning. Just imagine for a second, where you would start if you had to write yourself a training program for the whole year (coaches excluded).

#2 Being Part of Something

You have a face, a voice, a life, and a history that we care about. When I say “we,” I mean everyone at the gym. Being a part of this community means that other people will bring you up from where you are. If anonymity and working out alone is what you’re searching for, this is probably not the place for you.

#3 Coaching

We don’t stand at the front of the class and play cheerleader. We are a strength and conditioning gym, so that’s not going to work. We are in your personal space, talking to you, touching you, thinking about what you did last week, which movements you should steer clear of if you have an injury, and so on.

#4 Accountability

You train with other people and you are coached, so your attendance will be missed by other people when you don’t come. Plus, we will be super mad if you sign up for a class and don’t show up. We know your name… and a lot of other things…. Muhahaha. Plus we will be super happy when we see your face after you’ve been on vacation, nothing like a welcome-back smile.

#5 Being Heard

Our coaches are always listening to what our members want and discussing it. We put in a drive way because members didn’t like the dust. We put in fans because some members we’re getting too hot. More team workouts? You got it. More benchmark WOD’s? Alright. More specialty programs.  We are on it. Open gym? Ok. Of course, everything in moderation, for the right reasons and in due time.
Our coaches know the name of every member of the gym, if they have injuries, what their background is, what their job is and how their training was last week, last month and last year.

Our coaches are dedicated to your development, so we make sure that we have ninja mind tricks to do our job better. For example, I know that Heinrich has a hip that collapses but he is an incredibly positive and persevering person. I know that Jeune has no trouble getting a bar overhead but needs some work on receiving it when she snatches and that snatch balance and overhead squat work will help her with that. I know that Luke can easily perform handstand walks when playing around but can’t seem to get his rhythm with them during workouts which means it’s all in his head and we need to work on overcoming that mentally. I know that Hendrik gets frustrated quickly when trying to master a new skill, and needs to be reminded that it’s about progress and that he’s doing great! I remember that Trevor had shoulder problems when he first started, from breaking his collar bone, and now it’s gone. I remember the first time Yasmeen came in, she was real nervous to try CrossFit and today she LOVES it! I remember when Paul first started and could barely finish a workout with push-ups or pull-ups and now he can do multiplel pull-ups with ease! I remember the day that Sasha got her first muscle-up. I remember almost everyone’s very first day.

This is what our members are paying for. We provide a service and not a gym full of equipment for you to rent out. Although, if you want to talk about equipment, we do have more than 40 Olympic Lifting training bars… Just saying. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that CrossFit is for everyone, because it’s not. I’m just explaining why we are “expensive.”

Basically… we care. A lot.

Ever wonder what we talk about behind your back?

Here are some common topics of conversation at our coaches’ meetings every 1-2 weeks:

  1. New members – Personal details, movement quality, athletic background, etc.
  2. New and old injuries – How they happened, how people are progressing
  3. Feedback (Positive and constructive) – Whether it’s coming from coaches or the community, we talk about it all. It could be about the program, progress, improvements, reactions, etc.
  4. Learning – Anatomy to psychology, we do our best to be pushing ourselves and the level training.

So now that you know, how does R45 – R60 per training session sound? Don’t forget that your gym owners pay taxes too!

Let’s put everything into perspective. How would you feel if instead of saying our membership is R750 per month, I say instead… it’s R187 per week. Or depending on how often you come, it’s generally R60 per training session. It’s about perspective my friends.

“Yea, that sounds great, but I work too much to have time to workout”

People work so hard for money, on the bet that they will be guaranteed the time and health to spend it later.

There are many stories of people like that. There was a woman who started her own business when she was 45 years old. Ambitious and dove right into her business, which is great. However, she stopped eating very well, stopped cooking dinner, and stopped her regular morning runs. Then she got stomach cancer. Don’t worry, she’s cancer free today, but believe me, she has a different perspective now.

If you can motivate yourself, be your own support system, make your own ever-changing training plan, watch and coach yourself, and you have an inspiring place to train… Then you shouldn’t spend the money for a membership here.

One last thought to leave you with – don’t forget that a human being owns your CrossFit box. They see you all the time. It’s not some big corporation that is getting thousands of anonymous members. I own my gym, and I take your development seriously. Do you? Is it worth 1-6% percent of your money? Is it worth 8-20% of your free time?



Article inspired by Mein CrossFit.

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