WOD – Monday 1 May 2017

    18min AMRAP:
    500m row
    25 push ups
  • CrossFit.com:
    5 rounds:
    800m run
    23 back squats @ 75% bodyweight
    13 deadlifts @ 150% bodyweight
    100 pull-ups
    100 push-ups
    100 sit-ups
    100 squats
    30 Bear complexes for time
    As heavy as possible
    *You cannot change the weight during the workout.

WOD – Saturday 29 April 2017

    5 rounds for time of:
    30M handstand walk
    30 alternating pistols
    4 rounds for time:
    400m run
    20 burpees
    Back squat for load:
    *you can’t change weight during sets
    *score is total load squatted
  • CrossFit.com:
    10 rounds for time:
    10 deadlifts 60/40kg
    10 push-ups

WOD – Friday 28 April 2017

    Back Squat
    4-4-4 @ 85% of 1RM
    8-8 @ 65% of 1rm
    15min EMOM
    Min 1 – 5 snatch + Max rep OHS 50/35kg
    Min 2 – 8 Bar facing burpees + Max rep Wall Balls
    Min 3 – Rest

    *Score is total reps OHS + Wall Balls

    15min EMOM
    Min 1 – 5 pvc snatch + Max rep OHS pvc
    Min 2 – 8 Bar facing burpees + Max rep squats
    Min 3 – Rest

    *Score is total reps OHS + Squats

    Max effort Parallete L-sit hold
    Max effort KB Strict Press (choose a weight that you think you can get 15 or more reps with)
    Max effort strict pull-up

WOD – Thursday 27 April 2017

  • CrossFit.com:
    For time:
    100 Kb snatches
    80 Cal Row
    60 Burpees
    40 Muscle-ups
    3 rounds for load:
    Power cleans as heavy as possible
    *adjust weight accordingly after each set
    For time:
    Run 800 meters
    Run 400 meters backwards
    Run 800 meters
    Run 400 meters backwards
    For time:
    100 Air squats
    90 Sit-ups
    80 Lunges
    70 Toes to bar
    60 Push ups
    50 Pull-ups
    40 Ring dips
    30 Burpees
    20 Pistols
    10 Handstand push ups



When striving for your fitness goals “showing up” regularly offers undeniable benefits.  A person in motion stays in motion and never has to restart.

A lack of consistency can bring on a lack of interest, but constant progress keeps morale high and keeps you interested in chasing your success.


Here’s how:



Overnight success is a myth – no one wakes up and is suddenly successful without years of preparation. Success is derived from hard work, commitment, a positive mindset and clear sense of direction.

People like Rich Froning or Katrin Davidsdottir have been showing up to the gym every day for years. They’re consistent output goes all the way back to a time when no one was watching, no one was listening, and no one was paying any attention at all.

If you look at any well known or successful CrossFit athlete, all you have to do is start scrolling to see the evidence of consistency and how long they’ve been showing up. They’ve been committed to their output for years.

In order to stay consistent you need to set goals, but the key is to set the right goals. We need realistic, achievable and challenging goals.

If we only set goals that are unrealistic and will take forever to achieve we will most certainly lose interest in our journey towards those goals. We need both short term and long term goals. Short term goals are small goals that are easily within our grasp and which can be achieved weekly or monthly. Long term goals are our big goals, 1st prize, the reason why you started training in the first place. These goals will take focus, determination and a lot of time and work to achieve.

Our short term goals are what keeps us on track and interested in achieving our long term goals. The process is more important than the goal—what you do everyday matters more than what you plan to accomplish.



Until you have tried something new for a period of time and in a consistent manner, you can’t decide if it works or not.  How do you measure effectiveness if what you are measuring isn’t performed consistently?

CrossFit is observable, measurable and repeatable.

What do we need for this to happen? Cold hard data.

One thing everyone should be doing no matter your skill level is keeping a training log. This is a place where you write down all of your lifting PB’s/times/rounds etc. You could even take it a step further and write down how you were feeling that day or maybe a technique issue you were having. This will provide more insight when you refer back to it in the future.

These numbers are valuable information for future workouts and making sure you are on the right track to achieve your goals.

As a coach it is extremely helpful to have a client know their “numbers”. It allows me to make more informed recommendations for movements and weights based on the information you have, thus giving you a greater workout. In contrast if the WOD calls for 75% of your deadlift max and you can’t remember what your current max is….then we have to play a guessing game and go by feel. This may work sometimes but its not optimal. For example, you may have chosen a weight that was way to heavy turning what should have been a 10 min max for time WOD into a 20 min grinder. Having numbers will help you get the best results possible!

If you don’t keep a training log, START NOW!



 All too often we lose sight that fitness can be and should be fun. Once you stop having fun with the process it becomes a chore and we all hate doing chores.


One way to consistently have fun is to not be too hard on yourself. We often focus too much on the things we want to do or can’t do that we forget that every single day we step into the box is one step closer to why we do it and one more reason to celebrate progress and be proud of ourselves for having the will to work for what we want no matter what our goals are.


Have fun on the good days as well as on the bad days.

Whether you achieved something on the day or not, at least you showed up and that counts.


“The goal is to get fit,

make it the best hour of your day,

stay safe, turn up the music,

high five some people and blow off some steam.

So remember that.

Relax. HAVE FUN. Workout.”

– Pat Sherwood

WOD – Wednesday 26 April 2017

    18min AMRAP:
    30/25 Cals row
    30 Pistols (R+L=2)
    15 Power cleans 70/45kg
    15 Push jerks 70/45kg
    18min AMRAP
    15/10 Cals row
    30 Squats
    15 Medball deadlifts
    15 Medball Push jerks
    Spend 10mins stretching
    4 Rounds not for time:
    100m Farmers Carry
    15 Single leg KB deadlift (15 each side) 16/12kg
    15 Single arm KB Rows (15 each side) – 32/2Okg
  • CFP+:
    GHD Sit-ups

WOD – Tuesday 25 April 2017

    8min EMOM:
    3-5 deficit handstand push-ups
    *scale to regular strict HSPU
    4 rounds for time:
    15 Kb swings 24/16kg
    10 Thrusters 40/30kg
    35 Double unders
    4 rounds for time:
    15 Kb swings 16/12kg
    10 Wallballs
    70 Single skips
    4 rounds for time:
    400m run
    5 Squat cleans 100/65kg
    8 bar muscle ups
    Rest 2mins
  • CFP+:
    10min EMOM:
    Max parallette L-sit

Monday Movement Tips: RING MUSCLE-UP

If you are struggling with muscle-ups, try this tip!

WOD – Monday 24 April 2017

    Romanian Deadlift
    Start at 40% of 3rm deadlift.
    Increase weight every set.
    For Time (CAP 7min)
    1K Row
    30 Strict Ring Dips
    For Time (CAP 7min)
    750m Row
    30 Banded Ring Dips
    Strict Press
    5-5-5-5-5 @ 80% of 1RM
    10-10-10-10-10 GHD Hip Extension (hold 10kg/5kg plate)
  • CFP+:
    Skin the cat.

WOD – Saturday 22 April 2017

  • CrossFit.com:
    For time:
    Squat Cleans 40/30kg
    Toes to bar
  • Strongman:
    3 rounds for load (45 total reps):
    Deadlifts (as heavy as possible)
  • Endurance:
    For time:
    Row 1000m
    Rest 1:1
    Row 500m
    Rest 1:1
    Row 250m
    Rest 1:1
  • Gymnastics:
    For time:
    30 rope climbs for time
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