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I started CrossFit in May 2016.
I initially started out because we had an island vacation that I wanted to get in shape for (a quick fix).

A month into CrossFit I had tasted the so called cool aid and was addicted. I loved it so much that the island holiday was just an event that passed, I even visited the gym while on holiday. I have been active my whole life but when my son was born in 2011 I stopped exercising completely and only started doing CrossFit 5 years later. Not that I was ever overweight but there is a big difference in just being skinny and being fit, strong and healthy.

At the age of almost 40 years old this is the best shape I have been in, in my whole life. My goal for 2017 is not competing with anyone else except myself and reaching the goals that I set for myself even if it is only the short term goals of mastering a muscle up or a handstand walk. I am doing it for myself and challenging my own body and abilities and perseverance.

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