What are your first thoughts when you think about people who CrossFit?

Hardcore? Intense? Crazy?

CrossFit Culture

In reality people who CrossFit are actually very warm and understanding people that follow the culture of motivation, drive and compassion. The basic rule behind our workouts is to know about our weaknesses, to battle them, to face our fears, to cross our limits and reach a whole new dimension of self-respect, self-esteem and self-confidence.


In CrossFit we motivate each other every time we start working out. Although we all have our different backgrounds and personal differences in life, when you’re in a CrossFit class filled with people, you all have the same like-minded reason for being there; improved health and fitness. There is no ego. Nobody is above each other, we all are aware of the fact that CrossFit can be extremely hard and vigorous and completing our workouts can induce a meaning of victory in our bodies and minds. But instead of being jerks about it, we lift up others to reach new heights.


If you’ve attempted working out and sticking to it in the past then the words “I can’t”, “enough” “not more” etc. might be familiar, especially when the going gets tough. CrossFit can make you say these words even if you’re a seasoned veteran. The best part is that the rest of your peers won’t make fun of you, or degrade you, and they definitely won’t let you give up. Rather they’ll support you and try to help you in achieving your goal. They will provide the ultimate push you need in overcoming your weaknesses and help you give that little extra in getting one step closer to your goals.

Eventually, you’ll become the type of person who won’t be able to stay away from such hard work for long and you’ll definitely want to return for more. Most of you are familiar with how much the support of even one person can lift you up in life. At CrossFit you have tens even hundreds of peers sharing your journey to fitness, all in the same battle that can use your support just as much as you can use theirs.


Surround yourself with those who will inspire you to rise to the next level. It is natural for you to develop some sort of fondness for people you spend so much time with. Inevitably you will build a friendship, gain mutual trust and respect each other. CrossFit community provides you with the camaraderie you want to further excel, not only in fitness, but in your life.

All CrossFit coaches have a basic goal in mind, to help you become strong by overpowering your fears, weaknesses and inner battles. So another new member with a track record of failed fitness attempts is not frowned upon, rather he/she is understood and is guided towards the path of success.

After spending some time with people who CrossFit, you will get used to them so much that spending time with anyone else will feel different. Nobody could relate to your passion of CrossFit as your fellow CrossFit friends do and nobody can share that zeal or enthusiasm as well. Nobody will be able to understand the adrenaline rush that courses through you when you achieve a certain goal or when you master a certain technique.

All in all, it could be assured that once you join CrossFit, it is likely to consume you for good and for once, consumption or excess wouldn’t be a bad thing!

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