The needs of our grandparents and those of Olympic athletes differ by degree, not by kind. The one is simply looking for functional dominance while the other is seeking functional competence. This means that everyone can do and benefit from CrossFit, no matter their level of fitness.

Right, now that we’ve established that CrossFit is for you, what’s next?

We have to choose your gym.

What are your goals and why do you want to join CrossFit box?

Firstly, be clear about your goals which include the fitness level and strength level you want to achieve. Additionally, understand why you want to achieve something, keeping your athletic or non-athletic profession in mind.

It’s a well-known saying that ‘a man without goals is like a ship without a rudder.’ Before setting out on your search for the best CrossFit box, know your targets to be aimed at.

Interview the Coach or Owner

Coaching is central to your training and programming your workout routines. An excellent coach is an all-rounder who excels in the domains of strength and skill training, nutritional coaching, programming each class based on skill/strength level and maintaining a safe-zone to avoid any injury.

A coach and a cheer-leader are two different people. No doubt, your motivation level should be kept high throughout; but without results you will end up giving up on CrossFit completely. So, search out all the nearest CrossFit boxes to interview the coaches and owners there. Ask them about how they will be training you according to your specific goals? Moreover, ask them about the valid qualifications of their coaches.

What have they done outside of CrossFit? Do they have other certifications? Have they been athletes themselves? Was their life transformed by CrossFit somehow? What is their reputation amongst other people in the fitness industry? Find these things out and take from it what you will, but do some research.

Beyond your coach’s background, the next thing to look into is what sort of coaching you will receive. Do you have access to the coaches outside of class? How much time do they spend on skill work? Are they able to coach beginners as well as advanced students? Do they seem to have good communication and class management skills? Do they write blogs that are interesting and edifying? Is there nutrition and lifestyle coaching included in the curriculum?

Take the Free Introductory Class

After understanding why a good coach is important, you need to search him/her out from the crowd. You’ll have to take out time for attending introductory free trial classes of different CrossFit boxes that you have found to be perfect for you after the initial interview.

Programming is crucial to a CrossFit box, find out what they offer?

Check out what kind of PROGRAMMING they have? Is it structured and regular with zero dynamic capacity for individual needs? CrossFit programs should be dynamic and vary from person to person or group to group.

Inexperienced coaches often program back-to-back sessions of workouts without giving you space to recover. The goal of CrossFit is not to throw everything at members and see how long it takes before they break. Programming should also not be random. It takes a lot of time and preparation to program for the needs of the members while making sure they recover properly and avoid injury.

Check Out Availability of Their Online Programming

A confident CrossFit box will publically display its services and the programming it follows. They program the workouts weeks before training to make everyone aware of what services they offer and how they are going to help you achieve your fitness goals. If a CrossFit avoids posting their programming schedule online, there might be something fishy there. So, just walk away!

Nutritional Guidance is Imperative to Results

Are they providing Nutritional guidance? Nutritional guidance besides workout is crucial to achieving a toned body. Top CrossFit coaches guide the trainees about their daily nutritional needs. If your diet is not proper, you will get almost zero results.

Safety Requirements Fulfillment

Are proper recovery and mobility requirements discussed with the athletes? Does CrossFit really care about your safety? What it refers to is the coach who trains you. Is your coach aware of what level of fitness you have?

The Community at the CrossFit Box

Who are the people getting trained at particular CrossFit Box? If your goals and targets match up theirs, then count that in as a plus factor. Best coaching is no doubt the top requirement but if negativity surrounds you, you are bound to get de-motivated. Working with like-minded people enhances your chances of improvement and performance to a great extent.

Equipment and cleanliness

As much as people around you matter, so does the environment surrounding you. Just have a look at whether equipment and rugs are being cleaned regularly to avoid any diseases.

On the other hand, equipment, whether less or more, doesn’t really matter; as much as a certified and experienced coach does. A coach knows how to utilize them productively.

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