CrossFit is gaining popularity by the minute because it is more than just your average fitness program; it is the perfect marriage between sports and recreation so naturally people are constantly striving to get better at it. Following is a list of ways in which you can overcome any plateaus in your performance and improve. Let’s get started.

Work On Your Squats

Squats make up a major part of a CrossFit workout routine; therefore, if your squat technique is faulty, you will never be able to make progress in the right direction. Your body weight squat is what you need to perfect first. How do you start? Have someone film you doing one and then you study your body movements. More specifically, make a checklist of the following:

– Heels make constant contact with the ground?

– Knees track out over the toes?

– Neutral spine?

50% of all CrossFit workout movements are squats. Perfecting this one basic core move will not only help your progress but also prevent any stress injuries.

Put in the Effort

When it comes to anything in life, consistency is essential. The same applies to your workout routine: you need to keep at it at a regular pace and along the way you must learn how to take chances and strive to do better. Maintaining a steady routine will help you get fit overall but it won’t necessarily help you get better. You must learn to step out of your comfort zone and try to work harder; put in more time. Set realistic goals every time and strive towards bettering yourself every time.

Skill Progression

The key aspects that must be perfected when it comes to working out are mobility, skill, strength, and effort. Mobility comes with gradual progression. You must invest a good amount of time in mobilization exercises to get your body to become more agile. Once your body is mobile enough, you can move on to building your skill set. The key is to keep practicing. Some will take more time than the others but you must remain motivated. Put in extra effort every time you feel you are lagging behind or hitting a plateau.

Stay Motivated

Staying motivated is probably the easiest yet the most difficult part of it all. You must keep pushing yourself. Instill the idea in your mind that you must do better. Set a new goal every day. It doesn’t have to be big. Start small such as an extra rep or more mobility exercises. The point is to do more than what you did the previous day.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

A positive attitude will help you overcome obstacles easier. Plain and simple – suck it up. Hate rowing? Hard to wake up on Mondays? Shins scabbed from deadlifts?  Suck it up. Don’t like thrusters because you have poor hip and shoulder mobility? Suck it up and do mobility every day.

Here are some final attitude rules:

-Never skip reps

-Never count a no rep

-Never give less than 100%

-Never let the clock or the person next to you define how you perform.  The clock and the reps are measuring sticks, not ends themselves.  If you cheat, skip reps, display sloppy technique or do anything for any reason other than self-improvement, you have lost the forest in the trees.

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