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WOD – Tuesday 15 May 2018

WORKOUT OF THE DAY: In teams of 3 perform 5 rounds of: 1min max calorie row 1min max bumper plate push press 10/5kg 1min max goblet squats 16/12kg *Each team member starts on a different station and performs max calories/reps. All team members work at the same time. Every minute team members rotate one station […]

CrossFit Pretoria Member Spotlight – Coenraad Rossouw

When did you first hear about CrossFit and what was your first experience like at CrossFit Pretoria/First WOD? The very first CrossFit related thing was a YouTube video Chad posted where he and Riaan Hofmeyr did 2000 Burpees each for a fundraiser. From there I started stalking CrossFit Pretoria and it just spiralled from there. […]