About us.

Who we are: CrossFit Pretoria is a collective of dedicated trainers brought together by the belief in the foundations of CrossFit. The stimulus provided is always varied and the results are dramatic. The atmosphere is one of support and camaraderie to anyone willing to put in the work. CrossFit Pretoria has a community of diverse athletes. We have engineers, teachers, professional athletes, and doctors. We have moms, dads, grandparents and kids. We have clients who are old, young, and everywhere in between. The things they share are motivation, hard work and honesty. Those are the characteristics that we have built our business and our community upon.

What we do: CrossFit is a community based strength and conditioning program. We are an assembly of dedicated trainers who want our clients to become stronger, leaner, faster, and more coordinated. We help mold our clients into better functioning beings. All fitness levels from college athletes to grandmothers can participate together. The coaching is supportive, enthusiastic and welcoming to anyone who is willing to focus and put in the work. CrossFit is not your ordinary workout. But it is for ordinary people looking for dramatic results.